КИНАРИ тайский массаж и СПА


Anti-cellulite massage with "hot" cream

The special massage technique and active agent of “hot” Thai cream – chili pepper extract (capsaicin alkaloid ) – have local warming effect. Blood inflow to skin promotes deeper absorption active components through skin. Influence can be the general and local when the special attention is paid to correction of problem zones: hips, stomach, hands, and feet. Massage with “hot” cream will adjust a figure, considerably reduces external manifestations of cellulitis, does the weakened and sluggish skin elastic and tightened. Cream intensively, but delicately influences even sensitive skin.
“Hot” anti-cellulite cream possesses long action; its “work” is feeling during several hours after the finish of treatment process.
You will feel effect after the first visit.
Recommended massage course – (5-7 sessions, 1-2 times on a week). 

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