КИНАРИ тайский массаж и СПА

KINARI, traditional Thai massage and SPA

Welcome to Kinari Traditional Thai Massage & SPA.

Recently, the Oriental health improvement system, as Thai massage has been called since ancient times, is gaining more and more popularity.
Even traditional European medicine recognizes that traditional Thai massage is unique as a means of preventing spinal diseases, strengthening the immune system and fighting stress.
The Kinari principals have significant experience in traditional Thai massage area and studied the art of oriental SPA management at the Thai Heritage Spa School, Thailand. We gained personal experience and mastered technologies, selecting all the best and most effective. The desire to implement the accumulated experience led to the opening of the Thai SPA salon in Kiev in 2009. 

KINARI, Thai massage and SPA became the first Ukrainian company accepted into the Thai SPA Association – an international organization uniting leading SPA centers, traditional Thai massage salons, massage schools and academies, etc., in Thailand and around the world
Our salon offers unique massages from Southeast Asia – these are Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian techniques. We employ highly qualified therapists from Thailand, who graduated the world famous medical school of Wat Po Monastery in Bangkok, have diplomas from the Northern School of Massage and Reflexology at Chiang Mai, famous SPA schools, gained experience in leading rehabilitation centers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.
For our therapists, traditional Thai massage is not just a job – it is a way of life, a purpose of existence. 

Kinari Thai massage and oriental SPA has been working in Kiev for over 10 years for the most demanding and discerning clients, many of whom have visited Thailand many times, the countries of Southeast Asia and are very familiar with the intricacies of the eastern health system.
Your exactingness is the best incentive for us. And if you have not tried Thai massage yet, then we will gladly become your guide to the world of the eastern healing system.
We have not just opened one more salon in Kiev where they do Thai massage – the goal of our work is to provide high quality treatment combined with a high service level, which is marked by first places and well-deserved awards in numerous ratings – “Company of the Year 2018”, “Quality Mark 2018”, “Industry Leader 2016”, “Quality Star 2015”, “Enterprise of the Year 2012” and many others. 

Kinari is an oriental Club in Kiev, where you can come with the whole family, with friends or colleagues, in order to be able to feel yourself in another world, at least for a while, escape from the hustle and bustle of in a big city life and help body and soul find balance and harmony, by touching the ancient powerful Healing System, which is traditional Thai massage 

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