КИНАРИ тайский массаж и СПА

Kinari Legend

Kinari is one of the highest deities of Buddhism. Kinari (Kinari, Kinnaree, Ginnari, Ginaree) is one of the most captivating and mysterious characters in Buddhist mythology. Legends about Kinari are found in Thai, Khmer, Lao literature. The songs and dances of Kinari are described in epic works reflecting the culture of Burma and Ancient India. The earliest mentions of Kinari date back to the 12-14 century.
Kinari is one of the supreme deities living in the sacred forests of Himaphan at the foot of Mount Meru. Kinari, unlike the rest of the dominant deities, is closest to people, since she herself is half-human, but the second half of Kinari is a swan. The most common image of Kinari in Thai ancient art is a dazzlingly beautiful woman in angelic clothes with fabulous wings. Male Kinari in Buddhist mythology are called Kinnara or Kinnorn. The Great Buddha out of 136 of his sojourns in various forms on Earth – four times incarnated in Kinari.
Having a huge palette of its manifestations in various Buddhist cultures, the image of Kinari is focused to an cumulative symbol: beauty, grace and perfection. Even in the modern culture of the East, their dances, songs and poetry are widely known. For example, in Thailand, the most revered Kinari Manorah is named with the dance: Manorah-Buchayan, which is one of the most interesting among the classical dances of Thailand.
The Kinari are the only deities who, thanks to their magic wings, able to move from the mythical world to the human world. It is they who possess the magical art of inspiring! 

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