КИНАРИ тайский массаж и СПА


Dear friends!

Your safety is our priority. We make every effort not to spoil your visit to Thai SPA KINARI. The events we take are established to completely eliminate even the slightest chance of infection, as well as to keep you and our employees healthy.

           100%  of Thai  SPA KINARI staff  vaccinated with two dozez of Phizer / Biontech Comirnaty vaccine  from new coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, we adhere to the rules of increased sanitary safety.
We ask you to take look on them 

Sanitary safety rules in KINARI

Please note that a visit to the salon in the near future is possible only on condition pre-booking. Fulfilling the order of the Ministry of Health, during a telephone conversation or correspondence, our receptionists have to ask you some questions related to your health. At the same time, we guarantee complete confidentiality and safety of your personal data.  

During the period of referring Kiev to the RED ZONE of quarantine, to visit the salon, one of the following documents must be presented in digital or paper form

  • “Green” COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Negative PCR result – testing no more than 72 hours old
  • Certificate of previous illness COVID-19 up to 6 months old
  • Certificate of medical contraindications for vaccination

If on the eve of your visit you feel any discomfort, or there are signs of a respiratory illness, we strongly recommend postponing your visit to us until the next time. 


Before the start of each working day, all employees undergo a temperature screening procedure and are provided with the necessary set of protective equipment, in which they are during all working hours. All areas of the salon are wet cleaned using professional disinfectants.

Also, in all parlors and dressing rooms , medical germicidal ultraviolet lamps are installed to treat the premises before the start of the working day and after each guest. To provide services, the KINARI salon uses only pre-processed professional disposable sheets made of nonwoven materials ” Spun Bond “, as well as disposable underwear and slippers. The air in the  salon lobby during the entire working time is treated with a germicidal ultraviolet air recirculation device .


From the first day of our work, which is more than ten years, we have carefully adhered to the standards and norms of professional hygiene. This is confirmed by our long-term membership in the Thai Professional Spa Association, which brings together leading companies and educational institutions in the field of traditional Thai massage and spa, both in Thailand and abroad. Now, in the face of the pandemic, we have strengthened these measures and supplemented them with new elements.
At the entrance, you will be met by our employee who will invite you to go through the procedure of instant temperature screening and use an alcohol-based hand rub. (If the temperature screening shows the t – 37.2 C and higher, or there are external signs of a respiratory disease, we will have to deny you a visit to the salon.) Next, the receptionist will offer you to use a new protective mask for free and invite you to go further into the salon. We ask you to wear this mask throughout your stay in the salon. We have increased the time interval between procedures, which allows not only replacing absolutely all sheets and towels, but also disinfecting with an antiseptic and a germicidal ultraviolet device, as well as air purifying and ventilating the room after each guest. Please note that according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, we are forced to limit the duration of your rest after the procedure to 15 minutes. No more than two guests can be in the lobby at the same time. 

Take care of yourself, and see you!

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