КИНАРИ тайский массаж и СПА

Thai massage

Thai massage can be called one of the most remarkable elements of oriental medicine and the hallmark of Thailand.

Traditional Thai massage is rightfully considered as one of the oldest healing techniques, since it originated over 2500 years ago. The correct name for Thai massage is Noad Phaen Boran, which means “ancient” or “traditional massage”. The founder of Thai massage is called a doctor from northern India – Jivaka Kumar Bhaka (or Doctor Zhivago), a court doctor and friend of the Buddha.

It is believed that the teachings of Dr. Zhivago reached the territory of modern Thailand in the second – third century BC and have survived to this day. The bearers of knowledge about Thai massage in the ancient kingdom of Siam were Buddhist monks and King Palace’ healers, hence the second name of massage – “Royal”.

Since ancient times, Thai massage has been considered not just a physical action, but a spiritual ritual closely related to Buddhist ideas. A massage session is understood as “metta”, meaning in Buddhism a voluntary active bringing of good. Before the massage, a mantra is always performed in which the massage therapist appeals to the spirit of the founding father of Thai medicine with a request to bestow health and happiness on the sufferer: “We pray for the one whom we touch so that he will be happy and any disease will be defeated.” Like all Southeast medicine, Thai massage is based on the theory of invisible energy meridians that penetrate the human body, and biologically active points located on them. Blockage of these points leads to energy blockade – imbalance and various diseases. All modern researchers note: energy lines really exist, and skillful impact on them returns health and mental balance to the patient.

The technique of Thai massage – acupressure – is point pressure with fingers, the whole palm and even elbows on the skin in the area of biologically active points or around them. And also – gentle stretching of the tendons and ligaments, gradually bringing the stretch to the physiological limit. During the session, the masseur works through every cell of the patient’s body, paying special attention to problem areas. The purpose of the massage is the harmonious functioning of all organs, which is why the patient feels reborn after the massage.

Interestingly, Thai massage is a practice that has developed over many centuries, combining the most effective techniques and the best techniques of Southeast Asia. Since the technique of Thai massage has its roots in India, it is based on Ayurveda and yoga, in addition, massage includes a deep point effect of Japanese shiatsu and ancient Chinese foot massage, as well as Burmese foot massage.

Thai massage is used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, but it is especially effective for pain in the lower back and joints, congestion in the limbs, as well as for osteochondritis in various parts of the spine, has a calming, restorative effect on the nervous system.

Salon KINARI offers for its guests, in addition to Traditional Thai and aroma massage, the best massage procedures in Southeast Asia. As well as our own know-how, created on the basis of combinations of the best massage techniques of Thai, Filipino, Balinese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese massage professionals.  

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