Массаж Кинари Тайский массаж и СПА
г. Киев, ул. Ивана Франко, д. 40
Телефон: +380 (44) 234-53-40
Мы работаем ежедневно с 10:00 до 22:00
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КИНАРИ Тайский массаж и СПА
КИНАРИ Тайский массаж и СПА
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                                                                               Thai massage and SPA                                                                             

                                      Sawasdee kha…   Welcome..    Well being....                                         КИНАРИ ТАЙСКИЙ СПА

             You will hear these words, when crossing our threshold, because  we working  for  

words  "Thai massage" will have mean  for you - Health,  Power  and Confidence

which are granted by the most ancient healing system  Traditional Thai massage   


Thai massage and Spa treatments carrying out by the therapists from Thailand,

trained in the best schools, the handed over state qualification in Ministry of Health

the Kingdom of Thailand, with  operational experience in the best  Thai massage

centers and Spas

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