Массаж Кинари Тайский массаж и СПА
г. Киев, ул. Ивана Франко, д. 40
Телефон: +380 (44) 234-53-40
Мы работаем ежедневно с 10:00 до 22:00
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КИНАРИ Тайский массаж и СПА
КИНАРИ Тайский массаж и СПА
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Знак Качества 2018

Thai Spa Association









Кинари - лучшее предприятие Украины


Лучшее предприятие года


Лидер отрасли 2014 - 2016

Kinari Thai massage and SPA

SPA - Day Thai Bouquet

         Specially assembled  combination of the SPA treatments and the massage procedures, with overall objective - regeneration and renovation. The program stimulates blood circulation, accelerates skin regeneration, removes muscular stress, normalizes excitatory system, removes stress.


           You will feel Yourself restful and renovated


  • Scrub
  • KINARI massage or Aromamassage   ( 90 min )
  • Tea break
  • Thai foot massage                                        ( 40 min )
  • Thai head and facial massage                  ( 20 min )


3 hours 30 min.........................................3550 hrv.



SPA - Day Royal Thai Bouquet

         The unique by the efficiency  complex of SPA-treatments  and massages – ideal for struggle against  the stress. This treatment  is carried out by two Thai therapists  which synchronous  activity  will “reanimate”  excitatory  system, immerse an organism in a Harmony condition, gives feeling of a pacification and internal comfort.




  • Scrub - procedure of deep skin clarification 


  • Royal  Aroma massage  by 4 hands         ( 90 min )
  • Tea break  
  • Thai foot massage                                           ( 40 min )
  • Thai head and facial massage                     ( 20 min )

             Four hands' Aroma massage is the best method against the stress. The massage technique and massage oils are selected individually for each client. This procedure stimulates purification from toxins, increases mobility of joints, improves your immunity, and restores the body balance   mechanisms. Thai Aroma massage with Indian ajurvedic massage technique which possesses effect of the maximum relaxation. Procedure of grinding and «imbue with oil» removes muscular and the excitatory tension, normalizes a dream and assist in a fight against syndrome of chronic weariness 


3 hours 30 min…………………………..4550 hrv 

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